The range has expanded Yongnuo flash YN968N and TN568EX III

In the catalogue of the Chinese company Yongnuo, two new external flash, based on the previously released models. Model of the upper segment YN968N designed for Nikon cameras is a variant of the model YN968EX-RT for Canon cameras. Model mass segment TN568EX III — updating the model TN568EX II.

The flash’s guide number is 60 YN968N (at ISO 100 and the position summerwave head corresponding to the focal length 105 mm). The zoom range — 20-105 mm. Flash can play the role of a slave that is controlled by the optical channel, used Nikon, or via radio in the 2.4 GHz band (will need a master flash Yongnuo). In the latter case, available up to 16 channels and up to 5 groups. Strobe feature is a built-in led continuous light source that can be used to simulate lighting or when shooting movies. To balance the color of this lamp with the ambient lighting, installation of colored filters.

Flash YN568EX II with a guide number of 58 supports only the management of the optical channel. You can include it in the group with flashes of Canon and Nikon. Working with Canon and Yongnuo flashes, YN568EX III can play the role of the slave or the master. Range zoom head 24-105 mm. compared to model II TN568EX recharge time for full pulse reduced from three to two seconds.

A common feature YN968N and TN568EX III is the ability to upgrade firmware what is a USB port.

Model YN968N already available at a price of $120. Information about price and start date of sales YN568EX III yet.


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