The range has expanded Fujifilm camera instant print instax mini 9

In September last year, the company Fujifilm announced the release of camera instant print instax Square. It should be used cartridges sheets instax Square dimensions 85.6 x 72 mm, on which are formed image dimensions of 62 x 62 mm. This camera is not yet available, but recently was posted images of her. Meanwhile, the range of the Japanese manufacturer added to the model instax mini 9, designed for cartridges Fujifilm instax mini pictures of size 62 x 46 mm.

The camera has a lens of two elements, characterized by EGF 60 mm and a maximum aperture of F/12,7. The lens focused on the hyperfocal distance, allows to obtain sharp all the objects located at a distance from the camera from 60 cm to infinity. Fixed shutter speed — 1/60 s. the camera’s Meter determines the illuminance, showing one of the four values of the led light at the base of the lens, then the user should combine with it the mark on the lens (the aperture changes to F/16, F/22 or F/32). The camera is equipped with a continuously triggered flash, effective distance up to 2.7 m.

The device operates from two AA batteries, which is enough for about 100 pictures (ten cartridges). Its size is equal to 116 x 118,3 x 68,2 mm, weight without batteries and photo paper cartridge is 307 g.

The camera is $70. Buyers are offered five color options.

Source: Fujifilm



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