The PS4 sales exceeded 60 million units, the console may improve for the PS2

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the PlayStation 4 game console as of 11 June this year amounted to more than 60.4 million units.

In addition, 487,8 million sold copies of games (boxed and digital versions), some isolated success not so long ago released game Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It was also announced that the number of paid subscribers to the service PlayStation Plus has exceeded the 26.4 million and the total service used by more than 70 million people.

Active users spend over their PS4 consoles in total more than 600 million hours a week.

Analysts say that the PS4 sold just as active as the PS2 at the time. If Sony will fulfill the plan of sales, PS4 will surpass the PS2 in a year (over the same time periods).



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