The Prosecutor’s office demands to arrest the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics

A few days ago it became known that the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics and de facto head of Samsung Group, Lee Jay was questioned by the investigating authorities of South Korea.

According to the source, at the moment, the Prosecutor is seeking the arrest of Lee Jay. The corresponding request to the court was sent yesterday. Consideration of request usually takes two to three days, so soon we’ll find out whether the arrested head of the largest Korean corporations.

Some analysts are of the opinion that the arrest of Jay may adversely affect the work of the Samsung Group, despite the complex structure and autonomy.

It should be noted that the formal head of the Samsung Group Lee Gonchi (Lee Kun-hee), who at the moment does not manage the company brought in 2014 stroke, was twice brought to trial in 1996 for bribery in 2009 for tax evasion and breach of trust. But in both cases, before the arrest and the trial is not reached.



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