The proposal will balance the market demand of NAND flash memory in 2018

The market for NAND flash memory, where demand now exceeds supply will come into balance in 2018. In any case, this forecast was given by experts DRAMeXchange, stating that next year the supply of NAND flash memory will grow by 42.9% (if you keep in mind information capacity).

The lack of flash memory began to emerge in the third quarter of 2016 and maintained until now. The demand for NAND chips is due to the increase in the average amount of memory in smartphones and the growth of the SSD market for servers. At the same time, supply growth has been restricted due to the fact that manufacturers are moving to technology-bulk packaging (3D NAND) is slower than expected.

This year, the 3D NAND memory will be 50% of the total volume of the issue. It is expected that in 2018, its share will increase to 70%.

To come into line with demand, is necessary to the production of memory has grown faster than the appetites of customers. Assessment DRAMeXchange, next year demand will grow by 37.7%. Based on current performance and given at the beginning of the news of the forecast of growth of volumes of output, the equilibrium may be established during the year.


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