The project of the Chinese bus TEB, moving over the car, turned out to be a Scam

Last year, China had shown unusual vehicle that can move over other cars on the rails. It’s called Elevated Transit Bus (TEB) and designed to carry up to 300 passengers.

After fundraising and a spectacular demonstration of the project began to experience difficulties, which ultimately attracted the interest of law enforcement. Currently arrested about 30 people connected with the platform of collective funding Huaying Kailai, which attracted private investors on the issue of TEB. Investors have already filed for scammers to court. The police are trying to return money to the deceived investors.

The test area of the canvas, laid for demonstrations, the authors of the project was abandoned. The city had to dismantle it at his own expense. Autek company that created the prototype TEB, and have not received payment for their work. The prototype itself is located on one of the city parks.

Source: Engadget


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