The program Eye-Fi X2 Utility allows you to use the Eye-Fi cards, discontinued

As we previously reported, support for all memory card Eye-Fi Mobi also Mobi and Pro discontinued. In fact, this decision applied to all Eye-Fi cards that were released before March 2015. Touching upon the interests of a large number of users, the manufacturer expected has faced a wave of negative responses, so in the end he had to rectify the situation.

The company has released a utility that will retain the operability of Eye-Fi cards and after September 16, 2016 (as per the original post, after this date the data migration and transition to other cards becomes impossible).

Program version Eye-Fi X2 Utility for Apple computers already available. The release of Windows is open to question. The utility allows you to transfer images from the card to a personal computer, but does not have the opportunities provided by the program Eye-Fi Center and Eye-Fi View. To use it, you must first remove it from the computer the rest of Eye-Fi. The manufacturer warns that it does not provide any guarantee or providing technical assistance to the users of Eye-Fi X2 Utility. He also has no plans to release new versions of the utility.

Source: Eye-Fi



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