The processor in the SoC Apple A11 Bionic able to use any number of cores

Despite the fact that the greatest interest at the presentation of Apple, most smartphone called the iPhone X, not less interesting from a certain point of view and is a new SOC A11 Bionic.

First, this is the first mobile platform Apple has received GPU-house development of the company. Apple itself says a 30% advantage over the GPU in the A10 SoC that can already be considered a great achievement. To date, the major players in your GPU is only Nvidia and Qualcomm, the latter from the market of consumer mobile platforms, in fact, gone.

Second, A11 Bionic appeared dual-core module, which the company calls the Neural Engine. He is able to perform 600 billion operations per second and is involved in machine learning tasks. And although Apple was the first who introduced such a unit in its SoC (the first was Huawei with Kirin 970), in the case of copertina at least roughly understand why he needed there.

As it became known, this module will be involved in the work of face recognition technology. not only for unlock, but also, for example, during the process of creating an animated emoji. However, it is unclear whether this module to do anything in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Also, the source reports that in A11 Bionic has a new sound processor which should improve the sound quality of the new smartphones.

As for the CPU, which in the new single-chip system has become six-core, unlike the previous week, he is now able to use any number of cores that should make it more energy efficient.

An Apple representative also noted that each new single-chip system, they begin to develop during the three years prior to launch.



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