The problem with shutdown iPhone 6s is more common than initially reported

In November, Apple launched a program in which some owners of iPhone 6s are free to replace the batteries of their devices. Recently, the producer explained why some smartphones can be disabled.

As it turned out, the problem is actually more widespread than announced Apple. We will remind, initially it was about «small percentage of iPhone 6s, produced in September-October 2015″.

Apple has published a new statement on the matter, noting that some owners of iPhone 6s that were released in different period, also encounter unexpected shutdown devices. The company said that it would need more data in order to diagnose the problem, so next week it will release an update. Over the next few weeks Apple will analyze the data to eventually try to release another update that corrects the situation.

That is, if your iPhone 6s, which has the ability to independently switch off, was released after October 2016, you should wait for the new firmware. But Apple noted that it will be released, if the engineers will find a way to fix the problem programmatically.



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