The price of the iPhone SE, produced in India may be only $ 220

Apple has officially announced that its partners have begun production of iPhone smartphones SE in India. Up to this point in India was supplied smartphones, produced in China.

The factory which started to produce iPhone SE located in Bangalore. The delivery of finished products should begin in a week.

Start smartphone production in India was a necessity for Apple because, according to the laws of the country in order to open a branded retail store, you must produce at least 30% of production in the country.

While the price of domestically produced smartphones are unknown, but analysts suggest that local production will allow Apple to sell the iPhone SE for only $ 220. Considering that even in USA the price of this model starts at $ 400, this forecast looks fantastic. Especially when you consider that Apple does not like much to adjust the prices of their devices, depending on the region. On the other hand, the Indian market is very important to the company, and now she takes it only 3%.



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