The presented IP core GPU Imagination Technologies Series8XT GT8525

Company Imagination Technologies presented the first GPU based on new architecture PowerVR Furian, which was announced in March. More precisely, the presented IP-core graphics processor.

The new solution is called Series8XT GT8525. It is focused on system on a chip aimed for use in smartphones, tablets, mid-range devices for virtual and augmented reality, as well as in automotive applications, including driver assistance systems.

In comparison with GPU Series7XT GT7200 new graphics processor for the same configuration shows more than time and a half the performance test Manhattan and an increase of 80% in the test TRex.

In AnTuTu, the new GPU delivers 50% better fps. In addition, the new IP core can process eight pixels per clock to four the predecessor. The performance in GFLOPS is also increased by 50%.

It is also known that IP — Series8XT GT8525 consists of two clusters, however, it is unclear what is meant by this. As in the case of predecessors, the stored scalable within wide limits, so that developers of single-chip system can create a specific version of GPU Series8XT GT8525, based on their goals and needs.

We will remind, the Furian architecture implies support for OpenCL 2.0 and OpenVX 1.0 Vulkan 1.1, and also features support for deferred rendering on the basis of the mosaic image.

Unfortunately, apparently, in the new single-chip systems Apple this GPU we will not see, as the company decided to create their own graphics processor.

Imagination Technologies


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