The presented IP core ARM CoreLink CMN-600 and CoreLink DMC-620

Company ARM has introduced two IP cores: ARM CoreLink CMN-600 Coherent Mesh Network, and the CoreLink DMC-Dynamic Memory Controller 620. The first internal connection, the second memory controller. According to ARM, the need for high-speed internal connection is associated with the transformation computation model in which the growing role of cloud technologies. Allegedly, ARM CoreLink CMN-600 will provide single-chip systems on the ARM architecture is the bandwidth and minimum delays when transferring data between the client device and the cloud.

ARM CoreLink CMN-600 and CoreLink DMC-620 form a one of a kind solid solution. Using it, developers will be able to scale SoC, connecting up to 128 CPU cores Cortex-A (32 cluster) using the built-in interfaces for ARM AMBA 5 CHI. The steady-state throughput of ARM CoreLink CMN-600 exceeds 1 TB/s. the Controller ARM CoreLink DMC-620, including protecting ARM TrustZone, can have from one to eight channels of DDR4-3200. Each channel supports up to 1 TB of DRAM with a volume layout.

Source: ARM



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