The popularity of Nvidia Pascal among gamers is growing

Statistics service Steam allows you to gauge the popularity of a device (and OS) among gamers. And if the information is a thematic resource or analysts on the prevalence of, for example, Windows 10 you are confused and not credible, the Steam stats it offers.

In particular, the data at the end of December last year indicate that Windows 10 continues to gain popularity. This OS is installed on 50,19% of all PCs in the Steam, which corresponds to growth by 0.59% for the month. In second place for a very long time will be Windows 7. Now her equal share of 34.25%, and it also increased, but only by 0.03%. Note that the data given is the total for both 32 — and 64-bit systems. Old Windows XP still installed from 1.14% of Steam users.

In the distribution of graphics cards, the situation is a little more interesting. There are well-marked growth in the popularity of adapters Nvidia generation Pascal. Model GeForce GTX 1070 GTX 1060 and showed the greatest growth: 0,56% and 0.3%, respectively. They are installed by 2.09% and 1.89% (in the same order) PC in Steam. But leaders in the face of the GTX 970 and GTX 960 lost 0.23 percent and 0.05 percent, respectively. In General Nvidia graphics cards installed at 58,84% of all Steam users, and the model AMD — 23,28%. Also interesting to know that 33,66% of users have a graphics card with 1 GB of memory.

The most popular resolution of the player is Full HD with a share 38,21% (an increase of 0.15%). The proportion of monitors with 1440p resolution increased by only 0.01 percent, to 1.84%.

The most popular virtual reality headset remains HTC Vive with a share 61,01%. The Oculus Rift uses 39% of users.


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