The platform’s Daydream 2.0, the market will be a standalone VR headset based on Snapdragon 835

Platform Daydream, Google introduced a year ago. This development of ideas Cardboard with an option of immersion in virtual reality by means of a smartphone and a simple hat that you can even do it yourself.

At the last conference, the search giant introduced the platform Daydream 2.0, aka — Daydream Euphrates. In fact, this is just an update of what exists now in the platform Daydream.

The first novelty — Chrome VR. Specially adapted browser will allow users to visit sites in virtual reality. This software will be available to all in the summer.

In addition, the updated platform will become more social-oriented. For example, the options appear conscientious access, the possibility to record your visit to the virtual space and share these recordings with friends, and will be broadcast that will allow you to display what is happening in the world of VR on the TV. In addition, Google has promised improvements for developers.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that many partners have announced the imminent launch of a standalone headsets Daydream. If you have previously platform meant primitive cheap helmets, which were to be used along with smartphones, the update will contribute to a massive rise of Autonomous headsets that do not require a smartphone or a PC.

This will take place under the auspices of the Google and Qualcomm, and hence such devices will use single chip system of the latter. More specifically, was mentioned by only Snapdragon 835, although not the fact that will not be used and less expensive solutions.

For example, such a headset has promised to release the Lenovo. The company did not specify exactly when the device will be released and on what platform it will be based. But Google promised that the standalone headset will be available in the current year.



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