The Photos app in iOS does not really understand what a bra

Artificial intelligence system is one of the trends this year, and undoubtedly in the nearest future. However, now this term can mean anything that complicates the orientation for ordinary users.

And not always the AI is smart enough at least not to make simple mistakes. For example, yesterday it became known that the system of AI in the Apple, which is responsible for finding photos by keyword, has a rather funny problem.

One of the wearer noticed that when you try to sort your photos by tag brassiere (bra), the smartphone gives her the shots, which capture not only the detail of the wardrobe.

Smartphone attributed to the same category candid shots of the owner, many of which are no bras is simply not there. Under the appropriate entry in twitter has unfollowed the other girls, udostoveritsya incorrect functioning AI.

This feature appeared in the Photos app with the release of iOS 10. And cannot be disabled. But it is worth noting that IN itself is any folders and directories creates, so that an incident can only occur if the owner of the smartphone will want to show someone pictures of their underwear and in the presence of that person impose the appropriate tag.

Maybe Apple will pay attention to this issue and will be fixed with the next OS update.



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