The Philippines was another case of ignition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Two weeks ago we reported that one of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which caught fire in his pocket, causing third-degree burns, has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Another case of fire Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was recently registered in the Philippines. An employee of the beauty salon Antipolo Weng Briones (Briones Weng) published photos of its burned-out smartphone.

She told that her 16-year-old daughter used a smartphone, leaving messages on social networks. At some point, the smartphone heated up and began to smoke. The staff was frightened and filled the smartphone with water, and then covered it with a wet towel.

Weng asked the local office of Samsung, which initially offered her a new smartphone instead of burned. However, she was afraid that they might do the same thing, so I opted for cash compensation.

Head of marketing Department of Samsung apologized to Hun for what happened and promised to carefully study the causes of the fire.



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