The person who gathered the iPhone 6s, is added in the iPhone 7 remote 3.5 mm plug

Apple has removed 3.5 mm Jack from the iPhone 7, calling for two main reasons: lack of interior space, and difficulties in providing water-resistance of the device.

As for water resistance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a higher protection class (IP68 vs IP67), but this smartphone has retained the 3.5 mm Jack. Now it was proved that the iPhone 7 have enough space to accommodate this connector.

In the spring, we wrote about how the enthusiast Scotty Allen (Scotty Allen) have successfully built a fully functional iPhone 6s for parts, spending more than $ 1,000.

The next task he had set himself, was the addition of the 3.5 mm Jack in the iPhone 7. On this project, Scotty Allen spent 4 months. The engineer found that in the lower left corner of the smartphone plenty of free space, in which were placed the connector.

The only thing I couldn’t realize Allen was the simultaneous charging of a smartphone listening to music.

30-minute video with a description of the stages the way you will find the link in the source.



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