The performance of the SSD array E8-D24 in read mode reaches 10 000 000 IOPS in write mode — 4 000 000 IOPS

E8 Storage the company has introduced, according to her calculations, the industry’s first solution which the manufacturer defines as a centralized array of SSDs that support NVMe. An array of size 2U is called the E8-D24. It is designed for rackmount installation and is well massturbate.

The basis E8-D24 — open architecture with standard drives size 2.5 inches and a network Ethernet card. According to the manufacturer, E8-D24 10 outperforms other all-flash arrays, characterized by its very low latency of access, which correspond to the capabilities of the networks 40, 50, and 100 GbE. If you go to the numbers, a delay in random access blocks of 4 KB is less than 100 µs for reads and 40 µs — write operations. Performance in the reading mode achieves 10 million IOPS in write mode to 4 million IOPS. Bandwidth is 40 and 20 GB/s read and write respectively.

Array of 70 TB will be available starting in the fourth quarter. Next year we plan to add a model with a volume of 140 TB. Applications of E8-D24 related DBMS systems to analyze the market in real-time, supercomputers.

Source: E8 Storage


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