The performance of the Pentium G4560 almost identical to the Core i3-6100

We recently learned the settings for all Intel Pentium and Celeron generation Kaby Lake. It turned out that first received support Hyper-Threading technology, which makes them much closer to the solutions Core i3. Increased frequency. In theory this should virtually erase the line between families, especially considering the price.

And now, the Network appeared the test CPU Pentium G4560. This processor runs at 3.5 GHz and is estimated at $ 64. That is, it’s not the most powerful and expensive CPU in the new line.

It turned out that this is enough to make a purchase Core i3-6100 meaningless in most cases. Recall, this processor operates at a frequency of 3.7 GHz, and its official price — 117 dollars. Yes, the newer Core i3-7100 at the same price is at 200 MHz greater frequency. But the range is G4620 Intel Pentium with a frequency of 3.7 GHz and a price of about $ 90, so the situation for the younger members of Core i3 is still not rosy.

In General, the performance of Core i3-6100 only 5% higher than that of the Pentium G4560. If you do not consider games, then the value will be 6%. Also interesting to see that the Core i5-2500K, which was once one of the top Intel CPUs is superior to a brand new Pentium G4560 only 2%, although this CPU remains the advantage of the unlocked multiplier.

With regard to the temperature, the novelty of this all too well.



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