The performance of processors Ryzen in optimized games grows more than 15%

Tests AMD Ryzen showed that this is indeed a very productive solutions, able to compete with much more expensive Intel CPU.

However, many were disappointed with the gaming performance of AMD’s new products, although our tests there is no failure is not shown. Leaving aside the question whether the purchase is for games CPU cost 400-500 dollars, look at the new tests in the game Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation.

The fact that the developers of this game have managed to use the tools provided by AMD, to optimize your project. And staff at the TGH, in turn, able to evaluate the gains from this optimization.

As you can see, the growth is really there, and it is quite significant. Interesting that Intel also received a performance boost, albeit on a smaller scale. But do not forget that in less processorsamsung games the difference can be much less or not at all, and these games the most.

Thus, the fact that game developers just need to optimize their projects under the brand-new processors. On the other hand, is much more interesting to look at the gaming CPU performance Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3, as more affordable and suitable for the average gamer.



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