The Penclic keyboard KB3 is equipped with a Bluetooth interface

Swedish company Penclic has announced the release of keyboard KB3. This is the first keyboard in the range of Penclic equipped with a Bluetooth 3.0 interface with a communication range of 10 m. If desired, you can use a wired connection with a USB cable of length 1.5 m.

The description of the device manufacturer notes the low profile keys and a keyboard. Compact keyboard without number pad allowed to make a miniature device. The dimensions of the keyboard is equal to 280 x 115,5 x 10.25 mm. the device Weighs 284 g Keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and macOS. Food provides a battery capacity of 250 mA∙h.

The novelty is offered in four color options: black, grey, Golden and pink. Its price is 90 euros.

Source: Penclic


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