The peak of the popularity of the iPhone will be in 2019, and Apple Glasses will present a year later, says analyst

Analyst gene Munster (Gene Munster) made a prediction about the popularity of the iPhone in the foreseeable future, and smart augmented reality glasses, Apple Glasses.

In his opinion, the peak of the popularity of the iPhone will be in the 2019 financial year, the year before the market will be the next landmark product.

Augmented reality glasses, Apple Glasses will be released in the middle of the 2020 financial year. The analyst says that Apple introduced in iOS ARKit 11 platform, which is designed to develop augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad. The company invests heavily in the direction of augmented reality, she made some appropriate acquisitions, including SensoMotoric Instruments.

Gene Munster believes that Apple sees the future of augmented reality in combination of iPhone and a wearable on the head of the device. The average price of Apple Glasses should be around $ 1300. The demand will be limited, so for the first year will be sold only 3 million devices. In 2020, sales of the Apple Glasses will be only 2% of the total income of the company, but in 2022 the proportion of points will increase to 10%. By the time the price drops to $ 1,000. Popularity points will grow for 10 years.

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