The PCB of the motherboard Gigabyte SLI Z370XP painted in black and white

Yesterday, we wrote about a few models of motherboards Aorus that Gigabyte will offer consumers at the same time with Intel Coffee Lake, and now appeared the image of another potential new products at the Intel Z370 — Gigabyte Z370XP SLI.

As the name implies, this model is a direct successor of Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI. It is logical that these models have much in common. So, Gigabyte SLI Z370XP exactly inherited the configuration of PCI Express and interface connectors on the rear panel. Apparently, the sound system remained the same. But I changed the coloring of the PCB and the shape of the radiator of the chipset, on one of the connectors appeared casing. If Z270XP-SLI was only one M. 2 slot, SLI Z370XP two.

The official premiere of the Gigabyte SLI Z370XP is expected in early October along with the announcement of processors of Coffee Lake.

Source: Videocardz



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