The PC market will start to grow next year

Analysts Gartner believe that the world’s supply of devices to which the source will include PCs, tablets and smartphones, by the end of this year will exceed 2.3 billion units.

This is 0.3% less than last year, that is, in General, it is possible to maintain sales volumes. Of course, this applies to the market as a whole, not each segment.

For example, the market for traditional PCs (desktop and mobile) will drop from 220 million to 203 million units. And by the end of 2019 and all will drop to 191 million But the PC market in General, the results of current year will decrease from 270 to 262 million units, but by the end of 2019 will grow to 272 million

With regard to mobile phones as a whole, this year, according to the source, such devices will be sold 1,904 billion (of which 686 million regular mobile phones) against 1,893 billion in the past. And in 2019, the market will grow up to 1,934 billion units.


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