The PC gaming market continues to grow, and the highest income producers get from the most expensive devices

The PC market continues to fall the first year. But some of its segments, on the contrary, develop and grow. These include, for example, chromebooks and gaming PC.

Analysts Jon Peddie Research is rated second. They report that the global market for PC gaming for the first time exceeded 30 billion dollars last year. This trend will continue to grow around 6% annually until 2019. Further, analysts do not look.

The Asia-Pacific region will lead the growth of the market gaming PC. Its annual growth will amount to 7%. Last year the revenue from this direction there was 11.3 billion dollars. Leadership in this market due to large population, developed culture of computer games and weak games console market.

If we consider a high-level PC gaming, the Asia-Pacific region remains the leader in growth rate (9.61 per cent annually) against 5.78 per cent from North America and 6.63% in Western Europe. But from a financial point of view, the last two bypass the region Asia-Pacific, although the source does not accurate data.

In the diagram above you can see the distribution of the market gaming PC segment. As you can see, from the point of view of revenue to lead a high-level solution, which is logical, given their cost.


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