The participants of the program Concept Sony for Android can now help companies in the development of the shell based on Android 7.0

Many manufacturers of Android smartphones have a variety of programs, participation in which gives you the opportunity to try the new OS before its official market launch. Of course, in such cases, talking about the beta with all the consequences.

Sony, at the time, with one such programme, launched another called Concept for Android. Now it allows you to see the features of Android 7.0, which will be implemented in the framework of the shell Sony. Visitors can try out innovations, by joining the program, but until a new version is available only for Europe and only for the Xperia X.

Your program Sony is positioning as an opportunity not just to see the new features prior to their announcement, but also directly affect the development of the enclosure, as for participants of the program available feedback to the engineers and developers of the company.



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