The owners of Jaguar cars can pay for fuel at Shell gas stations by on-Board multimedia system

It is no secret that the automotive electronics earlier significantly lagged behind in its parameters and capabilities, from consumer. But automakers are rapidly reducing the gap.

Cars get better displays, get the ability to control from your smartphone or even smart watches. Now I turn to payment systems.

The company Jaguar has announced the conclusion of the transaction with Shell, through which the drivers of British cars will be able to purchase fuel directly from the on-Board multimedia system. The application Shell will allow the driver drove up to a gas station, in the car on its display to choose the desired amount of fuel and then to pay it. Of course, this will only work at Shell gas stations. Payment is made through PayPal or Apple Pay. Later to be added and Android Pay. The app will even send electronic receipt to at least email the driver.

Initially the service will only work in the UK, but later this year, will be released on the global market. The Shell app is already available for car owners. However, only for those who have any Jaguar F-Pace, XE or XF 2018 model year with support for Jaguar InControl. In addition, support for application announced for cars Land Rover of the last generation.



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