The original idea manicure in a marine style

Choosing a summer look, every girl needs to take care of a beautiful and stylish manicure. At this time, the most current becoming a Maritime theme. Marine manicure not only looks interesting and fresh, but also allows the girl to Express their individuality. For this you can simply paint nails in the colour of a sea wave, and it is possible to create a true masterpiece using holography, gold glitter, themed figurines and drawings. We invite you to consider the best options for ocean manicure.

A distinctive feature of marine manicure is the fact that every finger is individual and completely different from its neighbor.

Color scheme

To create a manicure in a marine style to suit a variety of colors. First and foremost is all shades of blue and yellow that we associate with the warm sea, sun and sand. Supplement can be vanilla and emerald hues.

Effectively will look in various combinations of white and blue. In addition, demand in summer neon colors, allowing you to make lend freshness and to make the nail Polish more vivid.

The effect of fish scales

Despite its simplicity, this manicure looks very stylish. To make it simple enough. As the basis of a suitable lacquer Navy blue. And to apply a pattern, you can choose Golden or beige. To draw a pattern, repeating scales on a fish is a fine brush. If you are sure that you will have to do it yourself, you can use special stencils.


Manicure with Ombre effect suitable for any time of year. Following the marine theme you need to choose some shades of blue, making between them a smooth transition. Additionally, gradienty manicure in a marine style, you can decorate broken glass, themed drawings or stickers.

Marine French

French and lunar manicure have become classics. So you can use them when you create absolutely any image. Summer is a topical combination of blue with white or yellow. Decorate it will help rhinestones, sequins, sand, and other decor.

Abstract manicure

If the holidays are still far away, but you want to feel like resting on the beach, you can use abstract design, which will be relevant even in the office. This can be Stirka deep blue with a greenish shimmer on the edge of the nail plate.

To create the effect of the water will help the broken glass or diffused stripes of white and blue colors. Non-standard solution would be a geometric manicure in blue or white tones, complemented by Scotch tape.

Marine manicure with a picture

Manicure on the marine theme is impossible to imagine without the relevant drawings. Effectively will look like anchors, palm trees, sea animals, shells, etc. the Choice depends only on your imagination.

Anchors and nautical wheels

What do you associate with the sea? Many will probably answer with ships or sea cruises. So the manicure a nautical theme, you can diversify the image of an anchor or ship steering wheel. If you are not sure that they will be able to draw them perfectly, you can just use the accompanying stickers. And those who are not afraid of hard work, and it can put their images of small beads.


Good anchors will look if you draw them on top of the horizontal strips or even to complement their French manicure. Traditionally, anchor paint blue or black. But no less effective they get, if they represent gold or red.

Sea wave

The picture sea waves can not only lift your mood on a hot summer day, but also complement your summer look. Of course, if you have artistic talent, you will easily be able to draw the water. If not, then you can use the technique of stamping.

In the form of waves can be done well or smile in French manicure or moon manicure. It’s enough to portray them in the form of scallops in blue, white or blue.

Fashion vest

The image of sailors will certainly attract the attention of others. Besides striped manicure this summer will be very popular. And the lines turned out smooth and clear, you can use duct tape or stamping. Horizontal stripes can be filled in the whole nail plate or its edge. Thus, you will receive a cool nautical French.

Multicolored horizontal stripes will make your manicure unusual. Can be applied on top of any nautical pattern or decor.

Marine inhabitants

A true piece of art your nails will be, if you decorate them a beautiful pattern or applique inhabitants of the deep sea. You only need to choose, who would it be: turtle, starfish, crab, coral, or regular shell.

One accent nail, you can stick a picture of a goldfish. All the other fingers to cover the blue or white lacquer. Impressive will look like a Dolphin or a blue whale, drawn with a brush.

Golden beach

Don’t forget about the sea. To do this, use a Golden shimmer that will go smoothly in blue and white finish. Thus, you get a wave effect that rolls on the warm sand. Alternatively, the shimmer can cover only one finger, while all the other paint varnish shade of blue.

To create a beach mood will help a scattering of Golden pebbles. It can be sequins, beads, kamimusubi, glitter, etc Realism to the picture will make a starfish or shell.


On top of the blue background you can draw a palm tree. Incredibly spectacular they are obtained by a gradient background.


They are one of the marine characters, so the shells are ideal for manicure in a marine style. Among their advantages is that in this design there are no restrictions. That is, you can cause the shell only on the ring finger or decorate them absolutely everything nails. Whatever you choose, the effect will be stunning.

Nautical theme in nail art are quite diverse, so does not prevent the girls to Express their imagination. A beautiful and well-groomed hands with a themed manicure is sure to attract the attention of others.

And what a manicure in a marine style would you choose?

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