The operator Sprint has indirectly confirmed the existence of the smartphone Moto Z2 for single-chip system Snapdragon 835

Recently in the network appeared the first image of the smartphone Moto Z the second generation, which actually was not the first. About the parameters could only guess but now we can say with certainty that the device will get SoC Snapdragon 835.

The fact that camouflaged Moto Z2 showed an American operator Sprint. The model name is not revealed, but the output in the current year and the presence of SoC Snapdragon 835, which can be recognized by the modem with the huge data transfer rate, clearly suggests that this will be a new Moto Z. it is Also reported that the smartphone will have four antennas.

By the way, the demonstration of the Sprint at the same time confirms the statement by Lenovo that the Moto smartphones, which will get your name Motorola, will be sold at the operator Verizon.



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