The only smartphone display Vernee Thor E made by technology E Ink

Electrophoretic displays are very popular among manufacturers of electronic books, because they allow you to create the feeling that you are watching on plain paper.

Such displays are very energy efficient, as energy consumption comes only at the moment when the display is updated. But there are drawbacks, like the fact that they are black and white.

The market is also sometimes there are smartphones, which the E Ink display is used as optional. Revolutionary in this field was the company Yotaphone.

Now in a Network there is evidence that the Chinese company Vernee plans to release a smartphone Vernee Thor E, the only display which will be made by technology E Ink. A video showing the smartphone, you’ll find the link in the source (for technical reasons we are unable to place it)

The price is not reported, but it is known that the smartphone will be released in may.



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