The older model bracelet Meizu H1 will be equipped with a transparent flexible display

In the morning we wrote about smart bracelet Meizu H1, which at a price of $ 33 will be able to count the number of steps, heart rate, show time, and perform other tasks inherent in such devices.

Now it is reported the premium version of the Meizu H1, which will cost about $ 232.

The source explains the enormous difference in price models using a flexible display in the premium version. However, the differences do not end in the disabled state, the display expensive model Meizu H1 will be transparent. This model has several sport modes, and the ability to radiate different shades of color depending on what the user.

The announcement of both devices is expected on 6 December, the Junior version will be released on the same day, and the older will be released later in the first half of 2017.



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