The official images confirm the location of dactiloscopy smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, and the existence of the dock Dex

The source has published images relating to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Interestingly, they were found in the files of the operating system for Galaxy Tab S3.

The reasons for this visit is unknown, but not particularly important. It is important that the images finally put an end to the question of the location of the fingerprint scanner of the new flagship Samsung.

It really is placed to the right of the camera module. As this becomes comfortable, time will tell. Also, apparently, the images indicate the presence of a smartphone heart rate sensor, combined with the flash. The decision debuted on the Galaxy S5 and the model was then used in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, although many do not even know.

In addition, the image confirmed the existence of the feature Desktop eXperience (Dex), which allows through a dock to connect your smartphone to the monitor and get a customized version of the Android OS. This feature may be one of the main advantages of Samsung and that Samsung may finally make it enough mass.



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