The number of transactions Apple Pay service for the year increased by six times

Apple yesterday released the financial report at the end of last quarter. It was a record for the company, in terms of revenue, number of sold smartphones, smart watches and Mac, although all of this many have missed the point that the growth of smartphone sales in annual terms for the final quarter of the year, for the first time was not a two-digit (less than 10%).

Anyway, besides all this, it became known that Apple Pay is also able to show considerable growth. The head of the company said that the number of transactions in the payment system annually has grown six-fold, and the number of users is three.

At the moment, more than 2 million small businesses to support online payment via Apple Pay. An important achievement for the company is the fact that the popular in USA television provider Comcast will begin accepting online payments with Apple Pay in the next quarter.



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