The number of names in domains of the first level has exceeded 330 million

VeriSign yesterday published interesting data on the growth of the Internet. Given domain names registered during the first quarter of this year, their total number as at 31 March 2017 was approximately 330,6 million.

Most registered names in the TLD .com, which, incidentally, is administered by VeriSign. By the end of the quarter of such names was 128.4 million pieces. On the second place in popularity among top-level domains is domain .cn, which was 21.4 million names. Third place goes to the domain .tk (18.6 million names), the fourth .de (16.2 million names). Completing the top five domain .net, also administered by VeriSign. It was 15.2 million names. For the quarter in domains .com and .net total was 9.5 million registered domain names.

Domain .EN occupies in the ranking of eighth place, following .uk (10.6 million names) and .org (10.4 million). It was 6.4 million names.

Source: Verisign


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