The number of mobile devices exceeded $ 5 billion

According to the source, referring to reports We Are Social and Hootsuite, two-thirds of the world’s population have mobile devices. It is 5 billion people. While smartphones make up 80% of mobile devices.

The Earth’s population is estimated to 7,511 billion people. More than half — 54% — live in cities. Slightly fewer — 51% or 3,811 billion people — have access to the Global network. Most popular Internet resources, apparently, are social networks: their active users are 2,895 billion people or 39% of the population. Mobile devices to access social networks are 2,692 billion people or 36% of the population.

Note that only the network of active Facebook users there are 1,938 billion people. Although in recent years there has been a small decrease, the overall growth trend is maintained, so that in a few weeks the number of accounts should exceed 2 billion.

Source: tnw


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