The number of malware for macOS increased by 744% over the year

McAfee conducted a study which showed that in 2016, the number of malicious software for computers running macOS, increased by 744%.

However, despite this record, Mac users don’t worry too much, these devices remain the most secure. Over the past year McAfee has identified 460 thousand malware samples for Mac OS and more than 600 million malware for Windows computers. About 15 million viruses were discovered on devices which are running Android OS.

Growing number of malicious software for macOS is due to the increase in Intrusive adware, which formally is not prejudicial to the computers. It cannot be used by attackers to access to your data or the withdrawal of a device from a working condition. In the fourth quarter of last year because of advertising ON the total number of malware for macOS grew by 245%.


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