The number of active smartphones in the world by 2020 will increase to 6 billion units

Annual smartphone sales have long exceeded 1 billion devices. But analysts often miss indicators such as the number of active machines in the world.

Specialists Markit IHS claim that at the end of 2016 such devices was 4 billion And this figure will increase by 2020 up to 6 billion smartphones. For reference, at the moment the Earth’s population is about 7.3-7.4 billion people by 2020 according to forecasts it will increase only to 7.8-8 billion, That is, the percentage of people owning a smartphone will increase significantly.

The number of users of various instant messengers and other communication apps will increase from 5 billion to 7.5 billion by the same year 2020. Revenues from the supply of smartphones in 2020 will be about 355 billion dollars. The global costs associated with mobile applications, will increase from 54 billion to 74 billion dollars. The most dynamically developing regions in this aspect will be the Africa, middle East and Latin America.


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