The number of active registered users in YouTube has exceeded 1.5 billion people

Currently in Los Angeles, VidCon is an event which brings together stars and popular bloggers YouTube, communicate with their fans and I am looking for inspiration to create a new quality content.

During the event, Executive Director YouTube Susan Wolitski (Susan Wojcicki) has published the latest data on the popularity of the service. According to her, monthly in come YouTube more than 1.5 billion registered users. How many total people watch YouTube regularly, one can only guess. In 2013, the overall audience for the service was 1 billion people.

The company also said that the most popular device for viewing content on YouTube today are… no, no smart phones, and televisions. The reason is the growing popularity of smart TVs and a variety of mini-PC based on Android that connect to the HDMI connector. In some countries, for example, U.S. users are watching YouTube via the TV for 4 hours a day.

It was also announced that mobile users on average spend at least one hour per day on watching YouTube videos.



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