The Nissan electric car will «sing» while driving

Because hybrid and electric cars are moving a lot quieter cars on petrol and diesel engines, the U.S. Department of transportation imposed a requirement that they must be accompanied by a movement noise, to alert pedestrians of its approach. This requirement is especially true in the case of blind or visually impaired pedestrians.

In the Nissan approached the issue creatively, and made the electric car not just to make noise and to emit musical sounds. According to the developers, the sound radiates «energy and confidence», and its height depends on the speed.

Sound comes on at speeds of 20 to 30 km/h In a Nissan tried to make the signal is well audible, but not annoying to others.

The development is called Canto, which translated from Latin means «I sing». How soon it will find application in serial machines is still unknown, but what will become of the streets of the city in rush hour when a lot of cars moving through the streets, you can imagine.

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