The next Nissan Leaf electric car will be $5000 cheaper Tesla Model 3

According to the source, the electric car Model 3, though, and marks the release of Tesla in the mass market, will be available on the market. This title can get Nissan Leaf sample 2018. Nissan product is in the basic configuration will cost around $30,000, that is $5000 less than the Model 3.

The flip side of the price difference is less mileage without recharging. Battery capacity of 40 kWh Leaf allows you to drive 240-260 km, which is about a third less than that of Model 3. For comparison: Chevrolet Bolt electric car for $38 000 passes without recharging for 380 km. the engine capacity of the Chevrolet Bolt is 200 HP and the power of the engine of Nissan Leaf — 147 HP

The announcement of the 2018 Nissan Leaf is expected in September.

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