The next generation of the Samsung Gear VR headset will be able to recognize the user in the form of the head and face

As it became known, Samsung has patented technology which may emerge in the next generation virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR.

The helmet mount will be equipped with sensors that allow to recognize the user wearing the Samsung Gear VR, according to various points of contact with the head and face. By analyzing the data on the pressing force on each point, the headset will know whether the helmet is already familiar to users.

For what purposes can be used this functionality? If the user was previously analyzed by the helmet, he will not need, for example, to manually release the lock with your smartphone. For him it will make himself a helmet. In other words, we are talking about a new form of biometric identification of users.

Recall that Samsung is working on a VR headset with OLED display, the pixel density of 2,000 per inch.



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