The new version of the Opera browser can «on the fly» convert currency

The developers of Opera Software at the time refused the development of its own Presto rendering engine for the browser and switched to WebKit, which the new version became almost all over the copy Google Chrome.

The company promised to return most of the features of the old version of the program, but promises are not fulfilled. But after a time ceased Opera to be like Chrome in a different shell and got a lot of new unique features.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the browser company Opera Software has released a new version of Opera 42. Its main feature is the built-in currency Converter. How it works can be assessed thanks to animated image below.

The developers believe that the growth of online trading has resulted in the need to constantly convert the specific currencies and appears in an increasing number of people. With Opera it is easier to do than to open a separate website, choose currency and enter amount. Of course, in the settings there is a choice of currency. The browser understands 32 currencies of the world, using for calculations the values of the European Central Bank.

In addition, Opera 42 improved the function of quick start and updated news module. Download the new version now.



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