The new version of the Android OS can get the name Oreo

As you know, the names for new versions of the Android operating system, Google chooses among the names of the sweets, changing letters according to the alphabet. Thus, the name of the next OS version will start with the letter O.

Despite the fact that Android Nougat is only a few percent of the market with Android devices, it was announced in March last year. Though she was listed under the name Android N, and the name became known much later.

Anyway, soon we can expect the announcement of Android O and output the corresponding version of the Developer Preview. Quite possibly the name will also open only in the second half of the year, but now there is an assumption that the new OS will be called Android Oreo. In a separate submission Oreo cookie hardly needs.

And the assumption that came directly to senior Vice President of Android and Chrome OS-Hiroshi Lockheimer (Hiroshi Lockheimer), who published an animated image of a birthday cake with the famous biscuits. However, the Oreo — it could be the internal codename of the new OS, while the final will be different. For example, the version of KitKat was the code name Key Lime Pie and Marshmallow — Macadamia Nut Cookie.



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