The new update brings the smartphone Huawei Mate 9 support voice assistant Alexa

Smartphone Huawei Mate 9 is not new, although it is the current flagship of the company. A device is of considerable size, new platform and impressive battery life.

And Mate 9 — one of the first smartphones with voice assistant Amazon Alexa. Initially it was not in the office, but Huawei promised to add AI later.

Today, Huawei started distributing the update, which brings the mobile support Alexa. While this is true only for USA, but in the end will affect other markets. After this, the user will need to install the app Alexa. To activate the assistant, you will need to run this application. That is, the smartphone will not constantly listen to the user, as it makes smart as Echo. In fact, on the market only devices Motorola/Moto and Google Pixel able to respond to voice commands without activating the phone.



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