The new technology of Qualcomm Clear Sight designed specifically for smartphones with dual cameras

A new trend in the smartphone market — a double main camera. In fact, such devices were released last year and the year before, but only in the current fashion captured so many manufacturers, including Apple.

To judge the appropriateness of such decisions, we will not. Instead, we will note that the race was joined by Qualcomm, which presented a specialized solution called Clear Sight.

Clear Sight — the technology works with two image sensors. It is implied that processing would be handled by the image processor ISP Spectra present in a single-chip system Qualcomm. At the moment, says about the support of new technologies SoC Snapdragon 820 and 821. Given that no hardware changes to these decisions are made, we can say that Clear Sight is implemented by SOFTWARE.

Whatever it was, Clear Sight involves the use of two identical in their parameters of image sensors, but one must be in color and the other monochrome. At the moment, this is implemented only in the smartphones of Huawei. But there are nuances. If you read some reviews of the model P9, you can see that the closure of the monochrome module on picture quality not affected, which is strange.

But Clear Sight is designed specifically for creating photo-based data from both sensors, which should increase dynamic range, improve sharpness and reduce noise. Also this should work better in low-light conditions. But, of course, all this depends not only on the presence or absence of technology Clear Sight.

Given the fact that Snapdragon 820 SoC has long been present on the market, the manufacturers just needs to realize it is exactly what is dual camera as it implies a new development of Qualcomm.



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