The new Samsung subsidiary will be engaged in contract manufacturing of chips

Today, the company Samsung Electronics announced the creation of a new division which will be engaged in contract manufacturing of chips. The South Korean manufacturer hopes that this will help to attract more customers.

The new unit will release mobile processors and similar chips except memory chips. Serving clients such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, it will compete with TSMC.

To lead the unit will Kinama MNH (Kim Ki-nam), President of Samsung has already been responsible in the company for the respective activity.

Analysts have previously speculated that Samsung will provide contract manufacturing to a separate unit to improve its effectiveness and reduce the concerns of customers, competing with Samsung in the electronics market, the possible leakage of technology.

According to analysts of IHS, in the past year, the contract manufacturing of semiconductor products brought Samsung 4.7 billion dollars. It’s not very much in the background of all of the company’s revenue, but nearly double that in 2015.

Source: Reuters



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