The new owners of the Tesla will also be able to charge them at the Supercharger stations for free

Last autumn it became known that Tesla is going to change the rules free of charge its electric cars at the Supercharger stations. Planning to buy an electric car Tesla after January 1, 2017, the owner had to prepare for what he will have to pay for charging on the Supercharger. Later the deadline was postponed from January 1 to 15, and became known rates.

According to new data, the manufacturer decided to back. All owners of electric Tesla, regardless of the date of purchase, will be able to continue charging at the Supercharger stations for free. Moreover, this right is saved when you purchase in the future the model S or Model X.

In addition, unlimited free charging will be available to those who are going to buy an electric car. This right they will get, if you buy a Model S and Model X on the recommendation of another owner of electric Tesla. One owner of a Tesla electric car can go up to five recommendations, providing free electricity. In addition, buying on the recommendation provides for the granting of discounts on electric in the amount of $1000.

Source: Engadget

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