The new leader of the semiconductor market in which 24 years was dominated by Intel, was the company Samsung

In early may there was the first speculation about what Intel can give leadership in the semiconductor market, which she held for the last 24 years.

Yesterday was published the report of the company Samsung, whose income rose by 9.5 billion and $ 54.7 billion. Operating profit increased by $ 5.3 million, amounting to 12.6 billion dollars.

On the other hand, Intel in the same period reported revenues and operating profit of $ 14.8 billion and $ 3.8 billion respectively.

Analysts say that helps Samsung great demand for operational and flash memory, and SSDs. Presumably, the appropriate division of Samsung will continue its growth due to stable demand for these components from the manufacturers of mobile devices and servers.

Samsung’s operating profit in the third quarter should be about $ 8.5 billion, according to Dongbu Securities.



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