The new Google Pixel will feature Motion Photo similar to Live Photo for iOS

After a few hours Google will introduce a new smartphone Pixel. Not just one generation of this family and it is difficult to predict what will happen to him in the future. In addition, it is not clear what the search giant in this segment. While it seems that Google wants to show what should be the reference smartphone with Android OS.

And besides the best options, news is to get new functions. If you believe the resource XDA, the devices of the Pixel of the second generation appear at least two software features relating to cameras. And if the first, called Face Retouching, is of no particular interest, as it is most likely a simple function of retouching faces, which have many manufacturers, the latter more curious.

It’s called Motion Photo. From her description, we can conclude that is the equivalent of the Live photos on iOS. Will Motion Photo some unique features, is unclear, but we learn about it today.



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