The new flagship smartphone LG added protection from water

LG is one of the few in the list of leaders of the smartphone market that loves to experiment. We may recall auxiliary display, and dual front-facing camera, and modularity, and a leather cover, and curved smartphones. And all this is typical for devices of the upper price segment in General and the leaders of the company in particular.

But not always, the experiments lead to success. The model of G5 has demonstrated that it is better to once again think about before making the flagship of the entire company too different.

As a result, numerous rumors attributed to the models G6, which is due out in the spring, many different the identities of the competitors, but not one pilot among them. We have already reported that the device can be supported by the payment service based on technology similar to MST from Samsung.

Now the source claims that LG G6 will be protected from exposure to water, and will boast support for wireless charging. Then there will be from a technical point of view more similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S8 Galaxy, apparently). But the battery the new model will be fixed, while the upper segment is the norm.



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